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US Digital Design Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting
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US Digital Design Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting

Product Code: Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting


Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting: Powered by US Digital Designs (USDD), the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System can help reduce dispatch call-processing times by instantaneously alerting the right units, in the right places, so they respond more efficiently and with better information


For Dispatchers:

  • Speed: Delivers automatic dispatch alerts simultaneously to one or multiple stations in less than a second, helping to reduce or eliminate dispatcher on-hold time.
  • High reliability: Offers dispatchers a redundant system to communicate alerts if the CAD system fails.
  • Situational awareness: Reviews the success of alerts as they are sent, and monitors the status of the system in real time.

For Public Safety Administrators:

  • Compliance: Helps stations shave valuable seconds, even minutes, off of response times, helping meet or exceed NFPA 1710 recommendations.
  • Safety and redundancy: Reduces the chance of missing emergency calls during grid or power failures.
  • Communication: Keeps personnel advised of ongoing incidents via USDDs industry-leading fire station alerting smartphone app, SMS text, pager and email alerts