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Motorola LEX F10 LTE Handheld
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Motorola LEX F10 LTE Handheld

Product Code: LEX F10 LTE Handheld


The LEX F10, offered specifically for public safety users. Built durable, your team can rely on the LEX F10 in the most challenging environments. It works with your existing fleet and management tools, so you can get up and running easily. It enhances the equipment your team uses today, so you don’t have to invest in new devices tomorrow. And it’s an AT&T-certified Band Class 14 device that’s compatible with the apps and connectivity solutions public safety professionals depend on.  


  • The LEX F10 is designed for use in tough, unforgiving environments.
  • Rugged and reliable with a long-lasting battery
  • With an ergonomic design, dedicated push-to-talk and emergency buttons
  • Designed for use with gloves on and featuring loud, clear audio