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Motorola APX Next
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Motorola APX Next

Product Code: APX Next


A Massive Advance in Mission-Critical Voice and Data.

APX NEXT brings usability and performance advancements to every aspect of the radio experience.

Your radio is your lifeline. APX NEXT is our next step in advancing it. It’s designed to military standards for extreme ruggedness. The touchscreen works with or without gloves—in rain, dirt, and dust. Digital mics and high-power speakers deliver our best audio ever, while SmartConnect keeps you connected even beyond your P25 system. The result is a radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction or doubt.


  • ViQi: Your AI virtual assistant
  • SmartConnect: Switch your calls between P25 and broadband
  • Mission-Critical Touchscreen
  • Smartlocate: High-Speed Location Tracking
  • Use it with Gloves on
  • Extreme Ruggedness
  • Digital Microphones
  • Large Color Top Screen