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Motorola APX 7000
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Motorola APX 7000

Product Code: APX 7000


The APX 7000 Dual-Band P25 Portable Radio delivers exceptional performance combining advanced voice and data technology driven by the challenges of mission critical users. Motorola's 4th generation P25 subscriber is dual-band (700/800 MHz, VHF, and UHF Range 1), communicates with current and future networks (FDMA and TDMA) and has integrated GPS. Designed specifically for first responders the dual-sided mission critical design has both an audio and data side providing optimal functionality and loud and clear audio in a compact rugged form factor


  • Up to 96 channels
  • Universal Push-to-Talk
  • T-Grip
  • Dual Battery Latch
  • Orange emergency button
  • 16 position rotary knob
  • 2 position concentric switch
  • 3 position toggle switch
  • 3 programmable side buttons
  • Transmit LED indicator
  • Full Bitmap Top Display
    • 1 line of icons
    • 1 line x 8 characters of text
  • No keypad

Dual Display Model: Same as APX Top Display model plus the following features:

  • 1250 channels
  • Dial from pre-stored lists or free-form entry
  • Programmable soft keys for easy access to radio menus
  • Backlit Keypad
    • Home and Data buttons
    • 3 soft keys
    • 4 direction navigation key
    • 4 x 3 keypad
  • Full Bitmap Display
    • 2 lines of icons
    • 4 lines x 14 characters of text
    • Status icons

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