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Trick or Treat....& Two-Way radios!

Posted by Kendra Newlon on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween is right around the corner – costumes are being finalized, trick or treat routes aretrain engineer kid halloween costume being mapped, and candy is overflowing. Sometimes with the excitement of such a fun holiday, we forget to remember the basics in terms of safety.  If we let the safety of these little vampires, ghosts, and ballerinas slip to the background of all the enthusiasm, things can go from fun and games to spooky in a matter of minutes.

The Biggest Safety precaution:  SEAMLESS COMMUNICATION

For Trick or Treaters & Parents:

Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with the older Halloween goers, or if it’s a relatively small group. But how do you communicate with groups of children who may be old enough to walk down the block, but not own a cell phone!? The same way Police and Fire crews communicate with each other- two way radios. Obviously purchasing high tiered radios aren’t the option we are suggesting, but there are two way radios designed for these types of instances- for relatively cheap in many stores. By sending your ghouls and goblins off in the neighborhood equipped with a  two way radio (or commonly referred to as a walkie talkie) you are able to constantly connect with them at the push of a button.

Get together ahead of time with other families on the block to coordinate your communication efforts.  Groups of children with two way radios allow you to monitor your child’s route, their ETA of returning home, etc.  October weather is quite unpredictable, so equipping your child’s group with a two way radio allows you to update them if the weather starts to take a turn for the worse.

For businesses:

From the end of September to October 31st, corn mazes, haunted houses, and costume parties are coming in left and right. If you are an organizer of the aforementioned events, trying to coordinate a large group of people can be very difficult if not equipped properly. Cellphones are manageable through 1-on-1 communication, but to effectively and efficiently relay a message to a large number of people at once, you need two way radios.

How will you connect the person at the front gate taking tickets or admission to those that are spooking its guests? If there’s a problem inside your haunted house or pumpkin patch, how will you alert security for further action? Emergencies need to be handled within a matter of seconds.

Cost shouldn’t be a main concern for these holiday jobs. Chicago Communications can set you up with a rental program for your exact needs. If you’ll only need two way radios for a short time and don’t have a huge budget, renting radios is a perfect fit for you! From 5 radios to 25, we have your two way radio necessity covered. Everything from programming, frequency, and the right radio for your business, ChiComm will take care of it all.

Contact Chicago Communications here to get a quote on your rental needs!

For Educators:

Halloween causes quite the commotion through the hallways, and if your school has already implemented a two way radio system then you’re well on your way to a (hopefully) smooth October 31st. However, if your school has yet to incorporate two way radios into its communication system….there’s no better time than now.

Enterprise NA Education School Radio SPL School 78 Juan MartinezAs much as we’d hate to admit, parental chaperones only have two eyes and  two ears to keep a look out on children. Especially those that are younger in age, field trips to corn mazes, pumpkin patches, etc. are what fall is all about. Children see a wide open field, we see the potential for kids wandering off. Two way radios are an effective and affordable way to keep chaperones informed on the whereabouts of the students.

Not only do two way radios help keep children safe through the constant communication of school officials during the holidays, but also throughout every day of the school year (read about our Vertex line of radios here). Two way radios keep officials connected on and off the school premises during holiday parties, field trips, etc., ensuring safety for all students. 


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