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Professional Radios or Commercial Radios: Which Do You Need?

Posted by Mike Wierzba on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Professional-Radios-Or-Commercial-Radios-Which-Do-You-NeedTwo-way radios are a major investment and a necessary one. Whether you use them to keep school security personnel and staff connected, to track the progress of workers in the field from the head office, or to meet any of the many other communications needs of a modern organization, you and your team depend on your radios to do the best possible job.

When making this purchase, it’s important to make a deliberate decision—one where you think about your current and future needs. Most entry-level two-way radios are retail series radios and tend to be used short-term. ChiComm offers both commercial and professional grade two-way radios from Motorola to meet the vast majority of organizational needs, but which one is the right fit for you and your communications needs? 

Commercial Radios

Commercial-grade radios function like most people would expect. They work two ways; you push a button to talk and connect with those on your radio channel. Unlike retail series radios, they’re made to last, and they can be repaired for anything short of catastrophic damage. 

Commercial radios will do the job you need to get done, but they won’t necessarily grow with you or integrate with your existing digital tools and systems. For this, you need professional series radios.

Professional Radios

Professional series two-way radios do everything a commercial radio can, but they offer “more” in many ways. Professional series radios are clearer sounding, more robust, and more durable; some options are waterproof. 

However, the most significant benefit you gain by upgrading to a professional series radio is that they are “smart” and can run software. They can be integrated into existing digital systems and still work with your commercial radios. 

Thinking Long-Term

You may think you don’t need professional series radios today, but for many reasons they’re the right investment if you’re looking toward the future:

  • Professional radios can have their signals amplified to connect across different locations. Even if you only need to connect at one site now, professional series radios give you room for growth, and you won’t need to integrate a whole new system from scratch when that happens. 

  • Professional series radios have the option to digitize data. This means you can save communication data on the same network you use for everything else. The backup can come in handy for training and to protect against potential liabilities. 

  • Professional radios have top-of-the-line noise filtration and background noise suppression. This allows for crystal clear audio and removes the need to yell into the microphone when you are standing next to noisy machinery, for example. 

  • Many professional series radios have digital displays that show information like radio identification numbers, battery life, and contact lists. Growing organizations can be complex, and digital displays on professional radios allow users to connect more quickly and seamlessly. 

  • Professional series radios can run all kinds of apps, depending on what you need now or in the future. 

Download our Wireless Communication Survival Guide to support your search for robust, reliable two-way radio communication. We can be a partner as you make your decision and help you evaluate what you need now and in the future.

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