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New Wide Area Network Features Include Private Address Book

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Thursday, July 21, 2016

The makers of DispatchPlus, our wide area network application for MotoTrbo radios, have been busy this quarter with some new features we’re pretty excited about, including private address book. The address book functionality allows private calls between MotoTrbo users and DispatchPlus-1.jpgMotorola’s Wave Mobile Communicator.

pdvWireless developed DispatchPlus as a go-to work management solution for dispatch-driven mobile workforces: The wide area network application gives dispatchers real-time information on drivers’ current location, route and communications, enhancing the power of MotoTrbo radios.

The application’s existing features already have customers talking, including superior voice quality, private and group calls, and text messaging – all for less than the cost of a cellular plan. The chairman and vice chairman of pdvWireless are the co-founders of Nextel Communications, a legacy that gives customers confidence in the application’s effectiveness.

The new functionality promises more of the same, so let’s take a closer look.

Private Address Book Enables Private Calls with Wave Mobile Communicator

Motorola’s versatile Wave Mobile Communicator instantly transforms Android devices – including smartphones, tablets and PCs – into multi-channel push-to-talk (PTT) handsets. The new private address book feature enables private calls between the communicator and MotoTrbo radios. Note: Private calls aren’t enabled from the Wave Desktop Communicator.

With private address books, PDV Care representatives can:

  • Create a private address book for customer accounts;
  • Provision radios and Wave users into the private address books; and
  • Provide access to the address books to your users who need it.

E-Series Radios Have been Qualified and Approved

pdvWireless engineering has tested and certified the new E-series radios that Motorola started shipping in April 2016. The E-series radios have some great features of their own, including expanded battery life that doubles the life of the standard battery in some series, offering up to 28 hours of use. And the E-series has an integrated Wi-Fi option that offers the opportunity to dramatically reduce the time and hassle of making radio upgrades.

By using the Wi-Fi and Motorola’s radio management software, radio managers can update firmware or change a codeplug from the central office. When users are in the company’s Wi-Fi range, the radio will notify them of the opportunity to update.

Location Notifications for Emergency Calls Have Gotten an Upgrade

When a radio declares an emergency, its location will appear on the DispatchPlus application in three locations: the Locate Users History, Activities and Home page.

Map View Hits the Big Time

The map view for DispatchPlus will offer the option to increase the map’s size to an entire browser window.

Out-of-Range Locations Are Rejected

DispatchPlus will now automatically discard location data from a radio that is outside of the coverage area.

Radio Users Can Reply to Mobile-to-Mobile Messages

Replies to mobile-to-mobile messages can now be sent back to the person who originated the message, and the replies are noted in the Communications Console.

The Location of Stopped Vehicles Appears on the Map

A vehicle stopped for 16 minutes or more will now have its location shown on the map view.

The Text and Email Gateway Works with More Networks

Text interoperability is now supported for AT&T, Cricket mobile, T-Mobile, and Verizon, and email is now supported for Yahoo.

For help selecting, installing, and servicing the perfect wide area network for your facility, contact Chicago Communications today!

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