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Are Portable Radio Systems Right For You?

Posted by Kendra Newlon on Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hey All! Tommy Two Way here.

We all know that two way radios are essential for communication on the go, across a long distance, or in places where cell phone coverage might be obsolete. But what happens when you need radio communication in a temporary place, where your normal equipment can’t be set up?

Have no fear, that’s what a portable radio system is for! A few of my clients here at Chicago Communications have already taken advantage of the many benefits of having an entire radio system at the palm of their hands, wherever they go. Now, this isn’t a system to replace your current radio communications, nor is it for a new one. Think of it as an extension to your current radio system. These portable systems are designed to enhance your already seamless radio communication, adding a portable system to take off site for a job or special event with clients.

A key benefit to these portable systems is being able to communicate where cell phone coverage is not available, and still being able to not only talk to everyone on these radios, but link with other agencies in case of an emergency. 

travel2One of the best parts, the return on investment is excellent when it comes to these portable systems. After a one-time fee and a small service charge (to keep it running, essentially), the system ultimately pays for itself. Why worry about the availability of radios to rent or if a repeater is on your frequencies?  Sure renting radios is great for when it’s a once a year, one time only deal. But having the comfort of knowing you can literally pick up and go with your radio system is what draws many people into the portable option.

Recently, Discover Company utilized their portable radio system with their involvement in the Orange Bowl. Instead of renting numerous radios and repeaters to occupy the large stadium, they opted for the portable route. Working off their existing radio system, they were able to create effortless communication between everyone during the bowl. 

Chicago Communications builds these based on your needs, but we recommended for Discover radio systems such as MotoTRBO with XPR radios and XPR8400 repeaters to be used in their portable radio system. Features like text messaging, emails, can be incorporated, turning a cell phone and radio into one system for offsite events. We take care of all the dirty work to give you a customizable radio system to fit your needs and budgets. Leasing is also available on these portable systems. 





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