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Why You Should Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Posted by Lisa MacGillivray on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When you invest in wireless communication equipment, like digital two-way radios, you are making an investment in how your team Service Estimate communicates, and how well you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Things like campus safety, worker or process downtime, and accomplishing tasks on time are just some of the things you can improve via communication equipment, but what if something goes wrong?

If you are familiar with the term Murphy’s Law, you have heard the idea of “if something can go wrong, it will do wrong,” many times. Unfortunately, this can be the case whenever you are dealing with electronic equipment - things crash, freeze up, face a decaying battery life, etc. If an issue arises, it can really impact your organization or results in a major way.

So, if you are looking into adding new wireless communication equipment to your organization, or if you currently have a fleet of two-way radios in-house, investing in a preventative maintenance plan is key. Preventative maintenance plans are simply an agreement to have your communications provider service your equipment on a regular basis, which ensures that your devices don’t fail when you need them most, and overall, extends the lifetime of each device (thus saving you money in the long run).

Although equipment that is serviced on a regular basis consistently out performs un-serviced devices, many companies choose to pass on the opportunity for preventative maintenance, looking to save more money up front. The main issue with this budgeting strategy is that it fails to account for the long-term effect of using equipment without any plan in place for upkeep. Devices can get worn out, dropped, or damaged over the course of usage, and all of these things typically call for replacements or repairs.

The costs for replacements / repairs typically outweigh the costs of a preventive maintenance plan, but for some organizations, they feel the gamble is a better bet.

Here are 3 reasons you should invest in a preventative maintenance plan:

1) Identify potential issues before they cause any damage

When you have a wireless device, there are instances where small issues that are not dealt with properly can snowball into major problems. By having a professional service your equipment on a regular basis, you ensure that any issues are detected in the early stages, therefore being able to deal with them before they cause any real damage. This is very similar to going into the hospital for a routine physical - if there are any issues, you can find out early and deal with the accordingly.

2) Help balance your budget

When you ask about a preventative maintenance plan, you should hear about it terms of yearly or monthly costs. Once you know what the plan will cost, you can work that into your overall budget for communication equipment and services. Another step you can take is ask about how much common repairs or replacements typically cost, and compare that against the cost of the plan. More than likely, you’ll realize that the plan offers a better package for your budget.

3) Extend the life of your investment

If you decide to never bring your car in for service (never change the oil, rotate tires, etc.) there is a good chance it won’t last very long, especially when compared to a vehicle that has received routine service over the years. The same concept can be applied to two-way radios and other communication equipment - if you take care of it, it will last longer.

If you are really trying to stretch every dollar and purchase equipment that will last for a long time, make the investment in a preventative maintenance plan.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your communications equipment, download our Wireless Communication Survival Guide below or contact us today.