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Zetron Zetron Model 6 26
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Zetron Zetron Model 6 26

Product Code: Zetron Model 6 26


The Model 26 status/control panel provides centralized control of remote fire stations. Up to 240 user-defined buttons with LED status indicators allow the operator to select targeted fire stations, send alerts, and control auxiliary equipment. Changes in the status of personnel and vehicles are reflected on the M6 and M26 status indicators. Visual indications help the operator select which stations should respond, as well as determine which vehicles are available, which have already been dispatched, which are out of service, etc.


Model 6 Station Transponders:

  • Selectable alert tones, which ramp up in volume
  • Visual indications of vehicle status
  • Data interface to station printer

Model 26 Status/Control Panel:

  • Up to 240 user-defined buttons with LED status indicators
  • Integration with a CAD or functional as stand alone system
  • Full parallel operation of up to fifteen Model 26 panels
  • Interfaces to radio consoles for voice announcements